An Inside Review of Zoho CRM Plus

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An Inside Review of Zoho CRM Plus

In this review, John M Perez goes through a review of how your business can use Zoho CRM plus in your business.  John reviews the key components and functionality that Zoho Offers across it’s suite.  This includes a review of CRM Plus, John reviews the details and benefits of how your business can use the integrated modules that come with the suite.  This includes the following modules:

  • CRM for Sales & Deal Management
  • Sales IQ for Web Engagement
  • Desk for Customer Support
  • Campaigns for Email Campaigns
  • Zoho Social for Social Posting, Engagement, and Monitoring.
  • Surveys for Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  • Motivator to track key KPIs.

John also reviews the areas you should be cautionary about if you decide to purchase.  This episode IS NOT sponsored by Zoho.



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